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Michelle Ebbin is the leading massage therapy and wellness expert. She's the author of four books on massage, including "The Touch Remedy," and has created many original massage products and dvd's to help bring the power of touch into your daily life for better health.
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Touch More 
      Stress Less  

I am a natural wellness & touch therapy expert, author, inventor, and mother.
I’m passionate about sharing natural remedies that will improve your life physically and emotionally, and help YOU live your healthiest and happiest life possible.   

My Touch Remedies are scientifically-proven to Relieve Stress, Reduce Pain, and Improve Intimacy & Communication in your Relationships. They’re easy, affordable, safe, effective, and always available at your fingertips. I encourage you to use the healing power of touch to nurture the bodies, minds, and spirits of all your loved ones… and, most importantly, YOU!

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What is Touch Therapy?

Touch Therapy includes all healing techniques that involve using touch to relax your body and soothe your mind.  There are many different touch therapy techniques that range from extremely gentle, such as Therapeutic Touch and Oncology Massage, to deeper techniques such as Acupressure and Deep Tissue Massage.  While they vary greatly from each other, all Touch Therapies share the same holistic philosophy which considers the whole person — body, mind, and spirit — in the quest for optimal health and wellness.  Most importantly, they make you feel great!


Ready to De-stress Your Life?

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