Reflexology Tips for a Better Sex Life - Basic Knead by Michelle Ebbin
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Reflexology Tips for a Better Sex Life

As a reflexology and massage expert, people often ask me if there are “sex points” on their feet that can be stimulated to turn on their partner (or themselves). The answer is YES! One of the most important aspects of reflexology is that it provides you with an awareness of your body’s organs, muscles, structures, and systems. More than just a fabulous foot massage, it’s been used for centuries to stimulate organs, restore the body’s natural equilibrium and jump start it’s own healing ability. Reflexology is an easy-to-use, natural therapy that can be done by anyone, anywhere, anytime…and it can give your sex life the boost it needs.

For a better sex life, try touching the following areas on your partner’s body and on the corresponding reflexology areas on the feet:

Sexual Hot Spots

1. Brain: The brain is the largest sex organ in the body, so make sure to hit this hot spot. Run your fingers through your partner’s hair and massage the scalp to relax the mind and awaken the senses.
Corresponding Reflexology Area: On both feet, rub the fleshy part of the big toe (behind the nail), to stimulate sensory receptors, improve circulation & even relieve/prevent headaches. It’s said that 90% if sex takes place in the mind, so get “sex on your mind.”

2. Ankles: The inside & outside of the ankles are sensitive spots with many nerve endings that correspond directly to the most important erogenous zones of the body.
Corresponding Reflexology Area: The Vagina and Penis and the Uterus and Prostate, the ultimate hot spots of the body, are located on the hollow areas just under the ankle bones on the inside of both feet. Pressing here is a direct energy channel to these responsive sexual organs. Start gently with slow thumb circles to unleash your partner’s hidden passion.

On the outside of both feet, located on the hollows just under the anklebones, are the reflex areas to the Ovaries and Testicles, sensitive areas that are vital for reproductive health. Press here to help PMS, fertility, strengthen libido and improve performance.

3. Breast/Chest: Relax your partner’s chest & stimulate the network of nerve endings in the breasts. Stimulating the nipples can significantly affect the genitals and get things going quickly. Tip: Smaller breasts are more sensitive while larger breasts can be stimulated more forcefully.
Corresponding Reflexology Area: On the soles of both feet, located in the middle/upper part of the foot, lies the reflexology area that corresponds to the chest and breast. Massaging here can actually send waves of energy to the sensitive nipples and also penis and vagina as well.

4. Stomach: The stomach is one of the most sensual places to touch both men and women. The area between the pelvic bone and belly button encourages blood flow to the entire sexual region. Arouse and excite your partner by focusing here. Run your tongue from her bellybutton down to her infield. Along the way, massage her stomach and hips.
Corresponding Reflexology Area: On the soles of both feet, press along the inner edge of the middle part of the foot. This can relax the stomach and improve the circulation in this area. A light touch here is very arousing.

5. The Back: Caress and gently massage your partner’s back, especially close to the spine, which is rich with nerve endings. Touching it, specifically the lower back, during intercourse will stimulate her even more.
Corresponding Reflexology Area: On the soles of both feet, press along the inner edge of the feet from heel to toe. This can loosen your spine to improve circulation & blood flow to the sensitive nerves of the back. Pay special attention to the lower back, the area from the heel to the middle of the foot along the inner edge. This can awaken chakra energy and relieve/prevent backaches.

6. Ears: Your ears have as many sensitive reflexology areas as the hands and feet. Gently massaging them with your fingers and even licking or nibbling the earlobes can arouse your partner. In addition, as the mind is the largest sex organ in the body, setting the scene with music is an oft-overlooked step in getting the kitty to purr. Research shows that music can activate the same brain structures that are aroused during sex. So pay attention to the ears
Corresponding Reflexology Area: On the soles of both feet, press gently on the area at the base of the fourth and fifth toes. Press here to open passageways, stimulate the ears and hear your partner better.

7. Eyes: Delicately kiss her eyelids, forcing her to close her eyes and enjoy the sensation. Why stimulate the eyes? Because the thin skin of the eyelids is similar to that of the scrotum – both lack subcutaneous fat, pushing the nerves close to the surface. So, eyelids are as sensitive as balls, who knew?!
Corresponding Reflexology Area: On the soles of both feet, press gently on the area between the base of the second and middle toes. Stimulating here can improve eyesight.

8. Legs & Hips: Begin by gently kissing the backs of her knees, then follow by caressing and massaging the legs and hips. Every square inch of skin contains more than 1,000 nerve endings. So no inch of her should be ignored. And skin that rarely sees sun is extra-sensitive.
Corresponding Reflexology Area: Press along the outer edges of both feet, starting at the middle of the foot and moving down towards the heel. The front of the hips, inner thighs and just above the knee are sensitive erogenous areas for men and women. Massaging this area will get the blood flowing in these areas & loosen up the hips.

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