Bio - Basic Knead by Michelle Ebbin
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About Michelle

Michelle is a renowned expert in touch therapy and wellness. She founded Basic Knead in 1994 with the goal of promoting and educating people about the healing power of touch.  A graduate of Columbia University, Phillips Academy Andover, and the Institute of Psycho-Structural Balancing, Michelle has authored four books on massage, produced six award-winning massage DVD’s, and created best-selling original massage products that have helped thousands of people bring touch into their daily lives.


As a ballet dancer growing up and later as a hip hop dancer in music videos, Michelle learned about the body and the importance of keeping it strong and supple.   After experiencing the healing effects of massage therapy after an injury, she became interested in the power of touch and how it could be used for optimal health.  Michelle immersed herself in the world of massage and quickly became one of the leading massage therapists in Hollywood.  Michelle tried to educate her clients about massage by creating her very first product, a pair of Reflexology Sox™, to teach her clients about reflexology.

massage innovator

Michelle has dedicated herself to teaching everybody about the benefits of touch, creating unique products including the Reflexology Sox™ (over 500,000 pairs sold), Massage Shirt™, Baby Massage Shirt™, Dog Massage Shirt™, and the new Sexy Love Sox™, that allow users to discover for themselves the many benefits of massage.  Michelle’s products have been used by celebrities such as Jennifer Aniston, Anne Hathaway, Jennifer Garner, Kelly Ripa, Elisabeth Hasselbeck, Cheryl Hines, Regis Philbin, Victoria Beckham, and many others.

city of hope

Michelle is currently partnering with City of Hope, one of the leading NCI-designated Comprehensive Cancer Centers in the world, to develop an exciting new touch therapy program designed for cancer patients and their partners, parents, and caregivers.   Her goal is to incorporate touch therapy into the healing process of patients and complement mainstream cancer care with safe and effective techniques that can be done in the hospital and at home.

at home

Michelle lives in Montecito, California with her husband, record producer Luke Ebbin, and their three very energetic boys, Jackson, Cassidy, and Tanner.

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Wellness/Massage Expert

As a Certified Infant Massage Instructor (C.I.M.I.) and a member of the American Massage Association, the International Association of Infant Massage, and the Reflexology Association of America, Michelle keeps herself at the forefront of everything pertaining to touch and wellness.  Her work has been featured on television shows such as “Live with Regis and Kelly” and “The View” and in publications such as Time, Cosmopolitan and InStyle.

Massage Books

  • Hands-on-Feet: The New System That Makes Reflexology A Snap!” (2001, reprint 2010)
  • Hands on Baby: A Guide to Baby Massage” (2003)
  • Hands on Sexy Feet” (2011)
  • The Little Book of Reflexology” (2001, reprint 2011).

Each Hands-On book includes the respective Basic Knead product. All books published by Running Press Book Publishers.

Instructional Videos/DVD’s

Michelle created and is featured in Gaiam/Living Arts’ award-winning Massage Practice video/DVD series; including Reflexology, Acupressure, Pregnancy Massage, Infant Massage, Couples Massage, and Therapeutic Touch.


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